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Heather McKelvey

Heather McKelvey

Founder, Main Street Web Development and Creator of Savvy Courses

Learn WordPress

Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website will walk you through every step from choosing a domain name to publishing your website.  No coding required.

What is WordPress?

Create a WordPress Website Workshop

Savvy Courses takes the guesswork out of a daunting task.  Getting started was half the battle and with Workshop I on my side it was a smooth transition from my ideas on paper to an actual website!

Leah Sanchez

Camp Cursiva

Fabulous course!  Heather has put a lot of effort into the course content and structure, ensuring that it explains enough to give someone without a technology background the basics to know what each of the steps are, what purpose they serve and how it all fits together.

Gloria Holliday

Virtual Engine Room

The workshop that I took through Savvy Courses was very in depth. It went over every detail and I was able to follow along at any speed I felt comfortable. I also enjoyed the video tutorials they were very helpful!

Johnny Gleason

Steamboat Bandits

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Dropwise Team

Pebals Farms


Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website walks you through the process of creating your own website, step-by-step from the very beginning.  If you’ve never even heard of WordPress, this workshop is for you.  There are no additional purchases necessary to get started (except a domain and hosting, which the workshop teaches you how to do). You don’t have to know any code or learn any frameworks.  When you’ve completed the workshop, and you’re feeling confident and adventurous, you will already have the basic knowledge of how to add in a custom theme (the WordPress word for “professional design”). And if you need additional help getting that theme up and going?  We’re here for you with WordPress Coaching.