Heather McKelveyWelcome to SavvyCourses.com, where we offer workshops that walk you through creating your own WordPress website, personal WordPress coaching to help you solve those unexpected problems, and web and graphic design for when you need a professional touch.

Meet the Maker

Hi! I’m Heather McKelvey, Founder and Executive Director of Main Street Web Development.  I created Savvy Courses as a complement to my freelance web design business.

In the course of helping small businesses establish a professional website presence, I often come across individuals who have a pioneering spirit and want to try building their own websites.

In my effort to provide an exhaustive reference to help those who prefer a do-it-yourself type of experience, I quickly realized that the best way to provide the resources DIY website makers need is to present those resources in a workshop-style format.

In my Savvy Courses workshop, you will find the information that you need right at your fingertips at every step in the process.

I hope you will take a moment to check out my very first workshop: Create a WordPress Website, because even if you don’t plan to build your own website anytime soon, chances are, you will know someone who is.

They will hug you for introducing them to the Savvy Courses workshop!