Workshop Details

  • 25 Modules teaching the basics of building a WordPress website, starting with how to get a domain name
  • 20+ Videos showing you step by step how to operate every main feature of WordPress
  • 14 Pages of downloadable worksheets that help you create the content you need and manage important information
  • Master assignment list that helps you track your progress in the course
  • Links to additional resources that will help you obtain everything you need to complete your website

If any of these are true of you, this Online Workshop is for you!

  • You are not-so-tech savvy
  • You need a website with minimal financial investment
  • You want a website without advertisements
  • You want complete control of your website
  • You want to learn a new skill
  • You want your website to be flexible with the ability to customize it with a professional design
  • You have a product or small business that needs a web presence
  • You want to open new doors for marketing your business

Workshop Costs

Online Workshop Registration: Info Available Below

Annual domain registration: approximately $15

Website Hosting: Approximately $16.67/month* – $20/month

Optional Costs: Stock photography, logo design, premium themes, all variable price ranges

*Website Hosting cost estimate is for first year only based on purchasing an annual WordPress Hosting package from Media Temple.

Register Here

Premium Workshop Details

Uncertain about doing this on your own?  Get the personal touch of an instructor to hold your hand while you walk through the workshop.  Here are the extras that come with the Premium Workshop:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website
  • Direct Email Support and Email Coaching for 30 Days
  • 2 One-hour One-to-One Virtual Training Sessions

Limited Seats Available

Because of the nature of the premium workshop, I can only offer a limited number of seats.  This allows me to devote the necessary time to email and live coaching support. When the seats are filled, registration for the premium workshop will be closed.

Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website--Premium


Take the workshop with a Personal Instructor

LIFETIME ACCESS to All Course Content
2 One-hour One-to-One Virtual Training Sessions
Direct Email Support and Email Coaching for 30 Days
25 Modules
15-page Worksheet Package
20+ Videos
Master Assignment List
Any Future Bonus Modules
Learn How to Build a WordPress Website
Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website—VIP Access

FREE for 7 days

Then Just $14/month

25 Modules
15-page Worksheet Package
20+ Videos
Master Assignment List
Learn How to Build a WordPress Website

Need a Payment Plan?

I’ve created a monthly installment plan if you really want the personal touch of having an instructor with the Premium workshop without taking the expense all in one budget month.

Sign up Here to get the Premium Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website for 6 monthly installments of $97.

Prior to Beginning the Workshop You Need:

  • Knowledge of how to operate a computer and a browser
  • Ability to think, plan, and type the text needed for your website
  • Computer with internet access and a browser

During the Workshop You Will Need:

*And we will walk you through where and how to obtain these things*

  • A domain name
  • A website hosting provider that supports a WordPress installation and MySQL database
  • Text and photos to use on your website

Workshop Location

This is an online workshop that you take from the comfort of your own home.  All course content is available on a computer with high-speed internet access on a modern browser that you provide.  The course modules are viewed online at, and the worksheets available for download can be printed and duplicated as necessary.

Minimum Age Requirement

I have created this course to be easy enough for a child to complete it.  However, due to legal requirements, the minimum age of workshop students must be 13.

Why I Recommend Media Temple WordPress Hosting

There are many options out there for website hosting, some great, and some, well, terrible.  As a freelance web designer since 2005, I have experienced the whole gamut of hosting providers, and I have only used one that has truly excelled in every way–Media Temple.  Media Temple now has a specialized hosting service geared specifically toward people like you who are building their own WordPress website, and their control panel and servers are optimized to make it the very best hosting available for you.  Using the WordPress Hosting through Media Temple will save you steps all throughout the process, from automatic done-for-you WordPress installation, to daily backups and security monitoring.  Not only that, but with Media Temple’s WordPress Hosting, you will also have access to professionally designed themes that you can use for free.

There are several other well-known and well-loved WordPress hosting providers on the market, and by all means, you are free to use any website hosting provider of your choice.  Media Temple’s WordPress Hosting is not a requirement for this course.  However, we heartily recommend the quality service and customer support that Media Temple will provide you, and any helpful screenshots that we provide are done within a Media Temple WordPress hosting account.

*If you choose to use a hosting provider other than Media Temple, please verify that all requirements of WordPress are met by that provider.